Racing Calendar

February 2021
Friday 12thRK-Barton Triumph Hurdle Heats (CAT 3)
Friday 12thTony Williams Marathon Heats (CAT 3)
Friday 19thRK-Barton Triumph Hurdle Final (CAT 3)
Friday 19thTony Williams Marathon Final (CAT 3)
March 2021
Friday 5thGolden Sprint Heats (CAT 1)
Friday 12thGolden Sprint Semi Final (CAT 1)
Friday 12thSteve Simmons Sprint Heats (CAT 3)
Friday 12thStuart Roberts Quicksilver Heats (CAT 3)
Friday 12thTony Byerley Mercury Heats (CAT 3)
Friday 19thGolden Sprint Final (CAT 1)
Friday 19thSteve Simmons Sprint Final (CAT 3)
Friday 19thStuart Roberts Quicksilver Final (CAT 3)
Friday 19thTony Byerley Mercury Final (CAT 3)
May 2021
Friday 21stRosebowl Heats (CAT 3)
Friday 28thRosebowl Final (CAT 3)
June 2021
Friday 4thTony Williams Dual Distance Heats (CAT 3)
Friday 11thTony Williams Dual Distance Final (CAT 3)
July 2021
Friday 23rdDoug Tyler Summer Cup Heats (CAT 3)
Saturday 24thAnnual R.G.O.A. Charity Night
Friday 30thDoug Tyler Summer Cup Final (CAT 3)
September 2021
Friday 10thPuppy Cup Heats (CAT 1)
Friday 17thPuppy Cup Semi Final (CAT 1)
Friday 17thMitch Millward Marathon Heats (CAT 3)
Friday 24thPuppy Cup Final (CAT 1)
Friday 24thMitch Millward Marathon Final (CAT 3)
October 2021
Friday 8thChampion Stakes Heats (CAT 1)
Friday 15thChampion Stakes Semi Final (CAT 1)
Friday 22ndChampion Stakes Final (CAT 1)

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Track Info & Records

Distances raced: 225 / 400 / 575 / 750 / 925m

Run to first bend: 67m (400m & 575m)

Hare type: Outside Swaffham

Track Records:

225mWalk The Talk13.1809/06/17
400mRoxholme Nidge23.2615/09/17
400m (Hurdles)Glenwood Dream23.9923/04/10

Sparta Master

750mAvit On Bertha46.3712/12/12
925mRiverside Honey58.5706/09/19

Please note that the winning line was relocated on the 12th August 2019