A sponsored charity meeting is an effective way of raising a substantial sum of money for the charity concerned and can be staged by any charity, large or small. We can cater for charity meetings on Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday evenings.

Our Packages for Sponsorship

The organising committee of the charity should aim to obtain a sponsor for each of the races in the programme. We recommend approaching local traders and personal business contacts for sponsorship as these are the groups most likely to be sympathetic to the charity's cause.

The stadium will charge £50 for each race the charity obtains a sponsor for and we suggest looking to sell them for £100 each.

In return, we will print the name of the charity inside the race card and provide a full page for the charity to write a thank you to their sponsors and introduce itself to the customers attending the stadium on the night. For each race sponsored, the charity will receive the following:

  • A named race
  • A trophy and rosette to be presented to the winning owner of the race
  • A colour photograph of the presentation

Subject to availability. Race name required 10 days before attendance.

Please note, images of the trophy presentation remain the copyright of the company and may be used to promote the Stadium. On booking a race sponsor you are agreeing to these terms.