Greyhound Ownership

A Brief Guide to Greyhound Ownership

Have you ever wanted to experience the thrill of seeing your own Greyhound be the first across the finish line? Romford Greyhound Stadium is the perfect place to begin your Greyhound-owning career. Our friendly Trainers can help to get you started and there are a multitude of benefits you’ll receive at the stadium with your Owner’s Pass.

The first thing to consider is can you afford to own a Greyhound?

There are many conditions that can affect the price of a Greyhound, such as the age, breeding and class. Depending on these factors, you could be looking at anywhere from several hundred to a few thousand pounds.

The best place to start is by speaking to some of the trainers here at Romford. They’ll be more than happy to give you some helpful advice and handy tips that will get you started. Plus, they will most likely have some younger Greyhounds in training that could be available to buy.

It is important to remember that on top of the initial purchase of your Greyhound, the upkeep will incur additional fees. It is fairly inexpensive however, plus any veterinary expenses when required. Feel free to contact a trainer beforehand to discuss these details.

If you’re looking to reduce the cost of owning a Greyhound, why not enter into a syndicate with a few others? This way you’ll get to enjoy all the benefits at a fraction of the price!

The most important consideration you must have when thinking about owning a Greyhound is its welfare. Please ensure you have planned out what you will do with your Greyhound when its racing days are over. They make fantastic pets, but a home can be found through the help of a re-homing scheme.

Finally, have fun with your Greyhound! Chances are it won’t win in the big leagues so have realistic expectations and enjoy every moment you have with it.


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