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Fund-Raising is fun At Coral Romford Stadium

A sponsored charity meeting is an effective way of raising a substantial sum of money for the charity concerned, and can be staged by any charity, large or small. We can cater for charity meetings on Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday evenings.


The organising committee of the charity should aim to obtain a sponsor for each of the races in the programme. It is usually best to approach local traders and personal business contacts for sponsorship, as these are the groups most likely to be sympathetic to the charity's cause.

The stadium will charge £50 for each race the charity obtains a sponsor for and we suggest you sell them for a minimum of £100 and with say 10 races this will give you £500 towards your charity straight away. In return we will print the name of the charity inside the race card and provide a full page for the charity to write a thank you to their sponsors and introduce itself to the customers attending the Stadium on the night. For each race sponsored, the charity will receive the following:

  • A named Race
  • A trophy and rosette to be presented to the winning owner of the race
  • A colour photograph of the presentation

Greyhound Nominations

The charity could also try to obtain a nominator for each greyhound taking part in the meeting. A £5 charge is an ideal amount to ask from the nominator. The person who has nominated the winning greyhound in each race should be given a prize (donated by the charity). The names of all greyhound nominators are printed in the race card.

There are usually 6 greyhounds in each race, which would raise £30 for the charity. If a prize worth £10 is provided for each race, the charity is still making a profit of £20 per race. Champagne or a bottle of wine is always well received and can usually be obtained either free or at cost price if the supplier is given an acknowledgment in the race card.


A raffle may be held on the evening with tickets being sold throughout the stadium. The charity should provide ample raffle sellers and, given an attractive arrange of prizes (we suggest a maximum of 4), support from both the customers and staff is almost guaranteed and our commentator will assist on the night by publicising the event.

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