What days do you race?
Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday evenings. Thursday afternoons and Saturday mornings.

What time is the first race?
The first race starts at 7.30pm

How many races are there in a night?
Mon and Wed evenings - 12 races. Fri and Sat evenings - 13 races. Please check with the Stadium for Thurs afternoons and Sat mornings.

How much does it cost to get in?
Please click here to view our admission prices

What should I wear?
Our dress code is smart casual.

How can I place a bet?
You have the choice between betting on the tote and betting with bookmakers. Click here to view our guide to betting on the tote.

What type of bets can I place?
You can have Win, Place, Forecast, Trio, Straight 4 and also a Pick 6 Jackpot. Track bookmakers only take win bets. Away from the track, bookmakers are to take win and each-way bets at starting prices, and forecast bets.

How many dogs take part in each race?
Unlike horse racing, greyhound races at any one track do not have varying numbers of runners from race to race. Some tracks work on a basis of six runners in each race, others five. This standardisation sets limits to the type of bets you can have.

When does a greyhound start racing?
A greyhound starts racing between the ages of sixteen and twenty months.

How large is a greyhound?
Greyhounds usually stand 24 to 29 inches at the shoulder. The females average from 55 to 70 pounds, the males average 65 to 85 pounds.
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